Inside the Lion’s Den: 7Lions Tryouts Broadcasts

On Sunday 23rd and Sunday 30th June, 7Lions broadcasted the first stage of our tryouts process. Over 4,500 viewers tuned into watch the potential of UK Overwatch, household names and upstarts alike.

Organising this project was a chance to use the resources that are available to 7Lions to give the community two things: transparency in the process and a showcase of lesser known players. Both of these two objectives were met with the two streams. While we will be unable to showcase any further stages of the tryouts process, have faith that we will share what we can as and when it becomes appropriate to do so. 

The NUEL has been an important part in not only my own development, but also that of collegiate Overwatch in the UK. When given the opportunity to find a suitable broadcast partner for our four blocks, the choice was obvious. I’d like to thank them for their support, particularly their Creative Director, Tasha Jones (Sunkern) for providing not only the observation of the tryouts, but as well as sourcing producers and additional talent for the broadcasts.

Internally, the creative juices are flowing. We wanted to start the campaign strong, do more and more as we get closer to the main event. I’m always open to suggestions for further events/content that 7Lions could do.

A special thanks to:





- Tridd, Assistant GM. 

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