Roaring Into Action: Team UK's Overwatch World Cup Setup


Your world cup committee is finally here! After a month that included two rounds of voting for your Community Leader and a round for the teams head coach by the countries top 150SR players. We're happy to finally introduce the team who's leading the 7Lions from the group stage all the way through to the knockout rounds at Blizzcon. Here's where you'll find out more about the UK's three man committee, who the backroom staff are and how we're supporting the team to the best of our ability, how are trials process is going to be conducted and which players are currently within our pool to choose from.  

Why 7Lions?

When it comes to sporting events where the countries of the United Kingdom comes together to compete, it's usually either under a Lions banner or with a Lion mascot. The Committee decided it would be fitting to keep up with this sporting tradition and came up with the 7Lions. The reason it's 7Lions is pretty simple, it's the seven players that have been selected to represent the home countries as one and each player will do so with pride. 

The Committee

This year, each world cup side has a three man leadership team known as the committee. This is formed of a General Manager Stylosa, Head Coach Hayes and Community Leader ChipSa, who will work together to provide the best opportunity for Team UK to progress through the tournament. To introduce the committee properly, here's a short piece of background information behind each member and a statement in regards to what they want from the team going forwards.

General Manager "Stylosa"

"It’s an immense honour to be involved with the UK WC team for the third year in a row! Last year we went undefeated in the Santa Monica qualifiers but came short at Blizzcon. This year our goal is to develop the team, the staff and the entire setup to ensure we perform when it really matters. We have World class players and staff at our disposal and I’m supremely confident the UK team will perform fantastically this year."

This is the third world cup that Stylosa is participating in, having previously been a player in the first year and the Community Leader in the second. Stylosa brings that international experience into his third year and first as a General Manager alongside a great knowledge of the United Kingdom's current Overwatch Scene. After the progress made at last years world cup Stylosa is determined to see the United Kingdom go further in the tournament this year.

Head Coach - Elliott "Hayes" Hayes

"My core values as a coach is for the players to grasp the core concept of Overwatch, Teamwork, the rest will come after. This year we have a better chance than ever to make it all the way, we’re going to be working extremely hard to make everyone proud to be British!"

After a successful campaign as the teams head coach last year, Hayes returns to the role for a second year running. Currently an assistant coach with Overwatch League team the Philadelphia Fusion, Hayes's in-game knowledge is second to none within the country's coaching pool and after getting the team to Blizzcon last year, Hayes wants to prove that this wasn't a fluke and that the team can be serious contenders this year.  

Community Leader - Philip "ChipSa" Graham

"Last year's performance was up and down, we had a great group stage but an underwhelming playoffs stage. I'm positive this time we can maintain our form and bring home the trophy."

As voted by you the United Kingdom's Overwatch community, ChipSa is your community lead for the 2018 world cup. One of the UK's most well known and popular streamers, ChipSa comes in with experience of being both a professional player and a community figure. This allows him to have a good understanding of the scene around him and means that he's the ideal person to be involved with the community on a level only he knows how too. 

Backroom Staff

While the committee are the faces of the 7Lions, they can't do it alone. This means that a five man support team has been created to help cover all the bases from team management/analysis to content creation. Here's a brief introduction into what you can expect from us and the roles that we do. 

Operations Manager - Ben "Whatsgood" Goulding is a professional Overwatch analyst, coach and manager with plenty of experience at the trials and contenders level. Currently with team One.Point, Whatsgood is looking to help push the team on throughout the tournament. 

Senior Analyst - Josh "One Amongst Many" Pemberton is a content creator who's been a part of the scene from the very get go. OAM has experience at the international level having played support in the same world cup team as Stylosa in the first World Cup and assisting in the second. OAM has returned for a third year as team analyst.

Social Manager - Ryan "RyanCentral" Horton comes in to the team to help utilise the social media side of the team and provide you with the most up to date information. Ryan is a part time caster and streamer who also runs OWCentral which provides the latest news around Overwatch updates.

Content Director - "Hammeh" is a YouTube content creator who focuses on Overwatch Lore and in game updates. Want to know the background behind new heroes or reworks? Then Hammeh is your man. Hammeh comes in to provide videos updates around the team and the progress that they make.

Content Editior - Arran "Halo of Thoughts" Brown is an Overwatch blogger/writer who's come in to provide articles around the team as they go through the world cup. Known for his focus on writing articles on the London Spitfire and British Hurricane, Halo oTs as he's also known as plans to give you as much interaction with the team as possible, so that you can feel as one with the team. 

Team Selection and Trials

With the competition at the Overwatch world cup likely to be at it's highest as the best players from across the scene come together to represent their countries, we as a team want to provide the United Kingdom with the best possible chance of winning the tournament. To do this it has been decided that we will be using a closed trial system on an invitation only basis and have selected 16 of the nations best players from across both the Overwatch League and Contenders. 

Through both internal and external scrims these sixteen will then be reduced to the twelve players representing the home countries. There will be seven players who will be the main team expected to play and participate for the United Kingdom and the remaining five will be as reserves and on standby in case they are needed further. It's a great opportunity to represent the United Kingdom at an international tournament and recognition is given to all those attending trials. These 16 players are:

DPS: Dids, Jbeans, KSP & MikeyA

Projectile DPS: Kyb, Jellis. Zeal & Zerggy

Main Tank: ChrisTfer, Fusions & Numlocked

Off Tank: Moursi & Smex

Support: Boombox, FunnyAstro & Kruise

We'll be here with you providing updates, as we go through the selection process to see who is going to represent the United Kingdom to become the 7Lions going into the group stage in France. For all updates in regards to the team, regularly visit the team's website here, the UK's team Discord and the teams Twitter & Instagram page. 

Author: Arran "Halo of Thoughts" Brown