Into The Lions Den: Meet The Projectile DPS Players

For one last time before the twelve Lion roster is announced, we're going back to the Lions Den and with the Hitscan DPS, Tank and Support players all having their turn in the spotlight, it's now time to take a look over the last group going through trials right now in the Projectile DPS players. With the roster announcements having to be made by July 5th, the players have only a few days to impress the committee and state their claim to a roster spot. Here are the four players trialling in the Projectile DPS position.

Finley "Kyb" Adisi, British Hurricane

When it comes to talking about the best Projectile DPS players in the European Contenders scene, Kyb is one of the names that always seems to be up there. While he's known for some incredible Genji and Pharah play, Kyb is flexible enough to play Hitscan heroes such as S:76 Sombra or Tracer. He's also able flex into an Off-Tank role with Roadhog, meaning that triple tank compositions are more than viable. Kyb is probably one of the bigger names in the scene who hasn't played in a Overwatch World Cup game and is looking to change that this year.    

Jordan "Jellis" Ellis, Free Agent

Although he's currently looking for a team, Jellis has a lot of experience within the tier three scene having played with KSP on the Koord Narwhals on his way to finishing in the top eight in Open Trials and top six in Overwatch PIT season three. Jellis is able to play both Hanzo and Pharah to a high level, flex to any other DPS hero that may be needed and can also play D.Va and Brigitte, meaning his flexibility is is one of the best out off all of those on trial. Looking to go to his first Overwatch World Cup, Jellis is a dark horse to keep your eyes out for. 

Div "Zeal" Valobobhai, Free Agent

A player who's known for his Genji but can flex onto other DPS heroes, Zeal recently played for That's A Disband in Open Trials before they actually disbanded after failing to qualify. That wasn't a massive reflection on Zeal himself though, who played well throughout the trials. Hoping to use the trials to gain experience, Zeal would allow the team to be flexible and not restricted in compositions.  

Carson "Zerggy" Leung, MnM Gaming

At just 15 years old Zerggy is the youngest Lion trialling for a spot on the roster. However, his ability on Hanzo is one of the best in Europe, he's able to play all DPS heroes baring Widowmaker and his mechanics are insane. Oh yea I almost forgot that he does all this with a Trackball Mouse! Zerggy plays on MnM Gaming alongside JBeans and as a team they just came second at Insomina62. While this is Zerggy's first trial for the United Kingdoms Overwatch World Cup team, it won't be his last and I also expect you'll see him playing in tier two and potentially OWL in the future. 

With almost a month of trials completed, we've shown the spotlight on all seventeen Lions that have been participating for one of the twelve positions on the Overwatch World Cup roster. Make sure that you keep an eye out on the 7Lions Twitter for announcements on the roster and further content in the future. 

Author: Arran "Halo of Thoughts" Brown