Into The Lions Den: Meet The Hitscan DPS Players

With the Supports and Tanks, now having had their spotlight in the Lion’s Den. We return for part three where we will be looking into the current DPS players who are trying to show their dominance in both the Hitscan and Projectile positions. With there being eight Lions fighting for the two starting roles (four at both DPS positions) it’s these position battles that are probably going to be the most open in terms of player skill level and hero pools available to each one. We will be taking a look at the Hitscan players in our first look at the DPS trials.

Matt "Dids" Didehvar, Young and Beautiful

Dids is a player who's been around the tier two scene for a little while but has been given an opportunity to show what he can do at the European Contenders level. Claimed by some to be one of the best Hanzo/Tracer/Widow in the tier two scene, he's going to be able to show this when he plays  for Young and Beautiful during season two. Attempting to play in his first Overwatch World Cup, Dids ability on Hanzo and Widowmaker in the current meta, will allow him to make a serious run into the team.

Jamie "Jbeans" Mitchell, MnM Gaming

Jbeans is the starting Hitscan DPS player for British team MnM gaming and one of the countries best up and coming players. Having recently played at Insomnia62, where they came second overall, Jbeans is starting to make a name for himself and this trial will only help that. While he can play McCree and Tracer, he's most known for his Widowmaker play and has built a reputation as one of the best in the country on her. Jbeans comes into his first trials trying to secure his spot on the 7Lions roster.

Kai “KSP” Collins, Bazooka Puppiez

KSP has a six deep DPS hero pool which includes Hanzo, Junkrat, Tracer and Widowmaker, plus the ability to flex on to Zarya when needed, meaning that KSP's range of heroes is impressive to look at and see in action. He comes in to the trials having just helped Bazooka Puppiez get back into European Contenders having previously played for Open Division Koord Narwhals, showing KSP is definitively a promising talent and has the ability to move his way up. This is KSP's first Overwatch World Cup trial and if he plays like he did during contenders qualification, will be a player to watch out for during these trials and possibly further on.  

Michael "MikeyA" Adams, British Hurricanes

One of the countries most established players, MikeyA is another returning Lion who's looking to retain their spot. Having previously played for Cloud9 EU and Mayhem Academy, MikeyA has now signed with London Spitfire's Academy team in the British Hurricane. Known for his Tracer play in dive meta's, he can also play Hanzo, McCree, Widowmaker and if he's needed to switch to Projectile DPS hero Pharah. MikeyA will want to prove that the dip in form for last seasons North American Contenders was a just due to the ping issues and come back fighting to make his second Overwatch World Cup team. 

These are the four Hitscan DPS players are as wide open as your likely to get when it comes to selection day and it's likely that this position will be one of the hardest for the committee to select when it comes to the crunch. 

Author: Arran "Halo of Thoughts" Brown