Into The Lions Den: Meet The Tank Players

We step back into the Lion’s Den for part two of our series, where we look at the trialling Lions who are getting ready for the Overwatch World Cup. After looking into the Supports in part one, we’ll now take a look at the Main Tank and Off Tank positions in what will likely be the tightest of the position battles going on over the next few weeks. With a mixture of both experience and potential competing for the two spots, it’s going to be interesting to see how this particular group fair.

Main Tanks

Christopher "ChrisTfer" Graham, 6nakes

Looking to retain his starting main tank position, ChrisTfer comes into the trials off the back of a second place finish at Season Three of the PIT's Europe Championships with 6nakes. Having played on the same team as SMEX in Singularity in the past, ChrisTfer has experience playing alongside his fellow tank line members. ChrisTfer struggled during Contenders Season One but that could be due to the organisation problems going on at the time. He's started this season fairly strongly and his ability to play Reinhardt and Winston with his new found confidence has helped 6nakes continue their strong form to get back in to Contenders. It's given him a good shot at retaining his international spot.

Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth, British Hurricane

Fusions is the second of three British Hurricane players competing in the trials and the main tank out of the three who's had the most successful season. While he started the season on Mosaic, Fusions joined Those Guys who went on a tear in winning European Contenders season one the British Hurricane. With his ability to play all three main tanks, be it his favoured and well known Winston, the Reinhardt who was his original hero of choice or Orisa. Fusions's play from the tank position makes him a focal point of any teams strategy and one of the players you need to keep on your radar.


Seb "Numlocked" Barton, Los Angeles Valiant

The second British player to be a part of an Overwatch League team with the Los Angeles Valiant. Numlocked was the off-tank in the first Overwatch World Cup and one of the best British players in the scene from the beginning, having played in APEX Season One with NRG. Although he was apart of the stage four champions, it's not been the season that Numlocked would have liked as a wrist injury kept him out of the line up early on and he's been a reserve player for most of this season. He has had a bit amount of playing time this season and showed some of his old form and the Winston and Reinhardt that he's known for. With an experience edge over his fellow trialists, don't be surprised if Numlocked does go into groups as the teams main tank option.


Michael "Moursi" Moursi, Bazooka Puppiez

After playing for a few teams in the tier three scene for a while, Moursi comes in to the Team UK trials on the back of being picked up by Bazooka Puppiez as their starting Off-Tank for the EU Contenders Trials. Coming over to Overwatch from Team Fortress 2, Moursi is able to play all three off-tank heroes and started to make his name originally with Roadhog before he switched to main D.Va, where he continued to  progressed through competitive play and made his name from there. Moursi's improving game on game and has the chance to help put the Puppiez back into contenders, where he's consistently played well and I'd expect him to have a good showing here at the trials.

Eoghan "Smex" O'Neill, NRG

Having come in to the trials having finished in second place in the Beat Invitational tournament and First in the PIT Championship with NRG. Smex is trying to secure his place back into the national team for the second straight year. He previously played in Contenders Europe Season 0 alongside ChrisTfer on Singularity, Smex then joined OWL Mid Season Pick Ups while he waited to see if he'd be picked up by a Contenders team. He didn't have to wait too long as NRG came calling and Smex has not looked back since. Able to play all three off-tanks Smex is known for his D.Va play and is able to perfectly time his aggression and Self-Destruct ultimate, he has the ability to put his team on his back when required.