Into The Lions Den: Meet The Support Players

With the Seventeen players confirmed and the trials soon to begin. Now is the ideal time for us to jump into the Lions Den and get to know each player that little bit more. While some players play at the highest level in the Overwatch League every week, others currently aren't at that level just yet. As the first part of a four part series, we'll break down the positional battles that are taking place and provide a little bit of background to those players who are trailing for the United Kingdom, so that you can get to know them a bit further. 

The first position we look at has the most experience within the team on both the international stage and at a LAN level. Four supports have been selected for the trials stage, ranging from Overwatch League, Contenders and Open Division with all four being given an equal opportunity to show what they can do and bring to the team. So with out any more hesitation, here's our four supports.    

Isaac "Boombox" Charles, Flex Support, Philadelphia Fusion

Boombox is probably the most recognisable of the Lions invited to trials, with him being the starting flex support for Overwatch League team, the Philadelphia Fusion. Boombox was a part of the same eUnited team as fellow Lion Kruise, but was picked up for his tactical style of Zenyatta play. While the Fusion started the season off slowly, Boombox has showed that he is not only the best Zenyatta from the west but can hang with the best in the world and one of the reasons that the Fusion had a surprise second place in OWL’s stage two where they were one map from victory. After a successful OWL Campaign, Boombox is looking to come into his second Overwatch world cup with Team UK and has added a very nice Moira that he's developed over the course of the season, alongside a situational Ana and a competent Mercy. Meaning his hero pool allows him to be effective in any composition that he’s required to play.

Scott "Daiya" Young, Flex Support, Lovely Dwaves

Daiya, who may be better known by some under his previous tag of PLiv. Comes into the trials as the least known of the four players but a player that has just started to make a name for himself. Currently a part of Lovely Dwarves who recently won ESL’s Go4OW #101, Daiya is a flex support who plays Ana, Mercy, Moira and Zen with a preference to Mercy and Zen. With a peak of 4.5k in the competitive ladder, Daiya is looking to make the next step in his professional career and an invite to the 7Lions trials is only going to strengthen his claim as one of the better support players in the United Kingdom and provide him with valuable experience playing with and against the likes of Boombox, FunnyAstro and Kruise.

Daniel "FunnyAstro" HathawayMain Support, British Hurricane

FunnyAstro is one of three British Hurricane players within the trial squad and he burst on to the competitive scene as a Lucio main this year. The team originally known as Those Guys, stormed Overwatch Pit Season 2 to quickly become the team to look out for during European Contenders season. In fact FunnyAstro has only lost one game in his professional career in a close 3-2 loss to Angry Titans and his Lucio performances quickly got him a trial with OWL team Los Angeles Valiant. Astro is known as one of the best Lucio’s in Europe and that has allowed the Hurricane win the European Contenders and the Battle of The Atlantic at the LAN finals. FunnyAstro is also able to play Moira and Mercy if required and is definitely one to look out for both the 7Lions trials and for the European Contenders Season Two competition.

Harrison "Kruise" PondMain Support, Toronto Esports

Kruise comes in to this year’s trials as the player with the most international experience, as he attempts to make the team for the third straight year. He started the year with eUnited but after they were unable to acquire an Overwatch League spot he was released into free agency. Having originally been a main support player as Lucio when he came on to the scene, Kruise decided to return to Support from Projectile DPS before the first season of the new Contenders and signed to Orgless & Hungry. Despite getting through both Open Division and Open Trials, Kruise left O&H to join Boston Uprising associated team in Toronto Esports in North American Contenders. Kruise showed once more just how good his Lucio was and also produced an unexpected Mercy that was one of the best in the competition. Unfortunately for Kruise the curse of second place returned after a 1-4 loss to Fusion University in the finals. He has however, set himself up perfectly for another world cup run.

These four supports are battling it out over the next few weeks to claim the two starting support roles within the Overwatch world cup squad. This group of support players have such a range of play styles and flexibility that it is likely that this could be the toughest position battle of the entire trial and could definitely be one to look out for.     

Author: Arran "Halo of Thoughts" Brown